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Raster menu commands

Change Palette 

Changes image palette. More...

Convert to Bitmap

Converts color or grayscale image to black-and-white (with color depth of 1bit/pixel).

Convert to Grayscale

Converts image to grayscale.

Edge Detector

Detects edges using the Canny method.  More...

Remove Isolated Spots 

Removes spots. More...


Removes noise and "stain" from raster. More...


Median filter, which is used for filtering out noises and suppressing unwanted "artifacts" on image. The filter has one setting: size of filtering base (in pixels).

Gaussian filter

Gaussian smoothing filter.


Morphological image filter. Enlarges or reduces line thickness.


Adjusts image brightness and contrast.


Inverts image and returns the image negative.

Image size

Change the size of raster image.


Rotates image for custom angle (in degrees).

Rotate on 2 points

Rotates image on two user-defined points.

Rotate CW

Rotates image 90 degrees clockwise.

Rotate CCW

Rotates image 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

Mirror vertically

Mirrors image vertically.

Mirror horizontally

Mirrors image horizontally.

Image Info

Image Info

Displays information on image size, color depth, and resolution.

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