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Vextractor Online Help
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How to register Vextractor

How to Buy Registration Key

You can buy Vextractor through secure on-line payment service provided by SWREG.

SWREG currently accepts:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover/Novus
  • Eurocard
  • Delta
  • JCB
  • Solo
  • Diner's Club
  • Switch

All credit card data are transmitted using the secure (encrypted) HTTP protocol.

Click this link to buy Vextractor online

If you do not want to transmit your encrypted credit card number over SWREG's secure server connection, you can also send using other purchase options:

  • US cheque
  • UK cheque
  • Postcheque
  • International Money Order
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • PayPal

Visit for more details.

What happens after ordering

When order and payment details are received, sends an email reply to the customer that acknowledges receipt of the order and payment details. This message is usually sent within a few hours, and will confirm a customer's payment when it is approved.

After SWREG receives your online credit card order, it may take up to several hours to authorize your transaction. As soon as your charge is authorized, you will receive an authorization e-mail with your Tracking ID# as well as instructions on how to obtain the full registered version the product you ordered. It is important that the customer check his or her email to obtain the charge authorization and instructions. In the unlikely event that your credit card is declined, you will receive an e-mail stating the reason. If you do not receive any e-mail within 24 hours - there may be a problem with your order. In that case, kindly contact SWREG by web form with your name, Tracking ID# and the approximate date and time of your order to obtain the status of your order.


This procedure should be applied to the full version, not to a demo:

From menu Help|Registration run the Registration dialog. Type or copy your registration key in the appropriate field. Keep in mind that regkey must be typed without spaces.

Upgrades from previous versions

Special notes for registered users:

Registered users of any previous version may upgrade to this version with discount. For more information about upgrade please visit

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